Thursday, April 28, 2011


A not so ordinary yet still a truly GORGEOUS TLB... INTRODUCING THIS LADY BEHAVES#16

 Inside the VAST WORLD WIDE WEB, we find different people with different emotions, different dreams in different forms and shape. All reaching for the same goal, to succeed. In whatever it is that they do and whoever they happen to be. Very rarely would people read about someone unpopular who writes about themselves and what they are wearing and what they are doing.... Normally we'd just look away and say "Who cares? I rather read about what Kate Middleton is eating for lunch.."

Wednesday, April 27, 2011



MISS MAE is not only overflowing with NATURAL BEAUTY but she's probably 10 WOMEN IN ONE BODY! She is ABSOLUTELY talented when it comes to handling a local online business OF SHOES!!! YES LADIES, SHOES!!!! I have chosen Mae to be one of my TLB ladies because she has captured so much attention through what she does, first, and how beautiful she is ,second. Which can only prove the power of her character as a WOMAN ONLINE. Her passion for shoes are clearly seen through the picks I have made as A FEW my favourites from her HUGE collection of SHOES!!!


 These can be found amongst other gorgeous shoes in her FACEBOOK PAGE and also in her MULTIPLY. SUPERB!!
Miss Mae's unique beauty is an amazing combination of vintage and modern just like how she shows herself through her SHOES ,WHICH ARE SEXY AND POWERFUL, again combining the elegance of the past and the fun of the future. One thing we know for sure, when she leaps... she'll do it all in STYLISH SHOES!


This style that I have created SCREAMS FUN AND SOPHISTICATION! A perfect match for our TLB#15!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


 Introducing THIS LADY BEHAVES #14

I know, I know, I know, you must all be wondering........"WHAT THE H#&* HAPPENED TO TLB#13???" I hate that number, what can you do? Like in elevators. MOST OF THEM, ATLEAST, HAVE NO 13th floor! Right?
:) Let me begin by saying that YES Chloe looks like your average beautiful girl next door who says  "I like chocolate covered gummy bears and pink starbursts.." but BEWARE HER LOOKS WILL MAKE YOU "LOCK UP YOUR SONS"! :) I got that from "TANK GIRL"!
I mean, just look at her. She's far, far, FAR, FAR more unique and gorgeous than your typical girl! She is an ideal beauty in a man's dream come to life! Do you know how many women would  pay A HUGE AMOUNT OF MONEY to have hair like MISS CHLOE'S? I know I would. Her styles invites us in a FUN atmosphere? Do you not feel it? Ok.. here, take a look at this!

 She seems like she has a lifetime supply of fun in her pockets. Which she should have, being so young, and beautiful. It's very inspiring to see someone so restlessly conveying energy through a simple photograph to us viewers, readers...
These black wedges on the right are gorgeous by the way, perfect with floral and fun shorts. Very classic, very vintage. Truly beautiful! Having read a little about Miss Chloe on I was really inspired by her unique thoughts and a dream to be one of the french ladies on MISS DIOR commercials. It was just FABULOUS! So that inspired me to create a look for her based on her dream.

 Some chocolate earrings, necklace, A PINK DRESS and a few balloons.. What could be more MISS DIOR than that?


Monday, April 25, 2011



One of the prettiest pairs of eyes WE all have ever seen. Correct?
You must remember these women, except one or two, are completely beautiful strangers to me with a bond only through pictures and messages. So what I write is based on my opinion alone. AND A BEAUTIFUL OPINION THAT IS! :) 
I have picked MISS PAIGE to be one of the 100 TLBs because of her vintage beauty that comes right off the photographs as if alive. She has such a fierce look in her eyes like a hawk hunting for prey. But once you really look closely, she has a baby face so innocent, in a way angelic. An amazing combination! She can stare at a man and pierce through his heart without touching, therefore I believe she should be the next VAMPIRE in the next twilight saga movie! Right? :)
Enough about that and let's talk about her sense of fashion. Miss Paige has a girly and artistic way of style. Seen through a bunch of pictures with floral skirts, flowy and vibrant. Her brilliant choices are neutral colours , portraying the LADY coming out from her almost translucent skin.
OOOHHH so excited about this style for Paige! ALL BLUE!!!!!! Dedicated for her EYES! Well, I think it's blue... very very light blue.. Still... this will look PERFECT ON HER!


This LOOK is for MISS PAIGE. Seeing how she reminds me of the OCEAN, this would look fantastic on her and will bring out her eyes even more. Also in MY OPINION, she looks even more lovely with her hair done up like the image above of Jessica Alba's ponytail. Wouldn't you think so? SUPER GORGEOUS!!!


Sunday, April 24, 2011


A VINTAGE BEAUTY for me is one that never fades and grow old. A beauty that doesn't get boring over any time. It is true beauty, original and powerful. The beauty that attracts and captures. And all these women in this blog have that VINTAGE BEAUTY that no one can take away.
With that being said, I introduce you to MISS KRYZ!

Miss Kryz U. has one of the most amazing styles I have come across in lookbook. She knows her style and has OWNED it! She has made herself the canvas of fashion and her beauty still stands out no matter how gorgeous her styles are! I think you all know what I mean, ladies....We walk on the street, in the mall, AND when we see someone walking past us with shoes WORTH DYING FOR, our stare WILL follow those shoes!!! But with Kryz, she drags our looks from her outfits to her smiling face. She has a very inviting smile which is one of the main reasons why she DESERVES to be in this blog. Her eyes and her hair compliments what she wears and not the other way around. It is normally very easy for me to suggest a look or a shoe for my TLBs, but this time, I'm stuck! Miss Kryz has tried all the styles there is that in know of!!! And it all looks amazing on her. So I'm going back to the basic and go all BLACK AND RED!!

A Style I created for Miss Kryz! A classic, vintage inspired look. This would look amazing with a smile and long messy hair to break the ice!

Kisses Darlings!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Thursday, April 21, 2011


A naturally born gorgeous LADY and an amazing friend of mine. I'm super proud to be INTRODUCING this next TLB! MAROU JEMS!! 

This pair is a bundle of talents right there. They are not only sexy, hot and beautiful, they are both SUPER COOL people with HUGE HEARTS.

I have been friends with Miss MARO since we were 16, aroundish... So i know exactly what I'm talking about. We were both back in Greece when we met and decided to have blasts of fun. She would steal me from my house to go out dancing, driving her mother's car without a license! Good ol' days!!
Doesn't she have the most gorgeous, biggest, round eyes you have ever seen? Oh and the lashes are NOT FAKE! Her fashion has always been beyond her years... does that make sense? I mean, she has always been so matured and wise and naughty and courageous all at the same time.
OOOOh and that time when we went to Mykonos, Maro saw a dress that she fell inlove with and she didn't settle dwon until she got it. What does that say about her? Well... she loves FASHION! She has always been  fashionable and whatever she happens to be doing; singing, dancing, shopping, sitting in a cafeteria, she does it all IN STYLE!
And have you noticed.. she looks like Rachel Mcadams! But I personally believe, my friend is PRETTIER! :) I honestly and strongly stand by that!! But that wasn't why I asked her to be a TLB. She is in this blog because she has true and natural beauty... and behind that beauty lies a strong character that shines through and creates a glow around her that keeps heads turning. But i'm sorry BOYS, she has recently married! :)  hihihi!

I would like to PRESENT :


One day we'll be seeing more of Miss Marou Jems ON TV hopefully!!

This is the look I created for Miss Maro! STRIPES AND ZEBRA PRINTS!! I have never seen her in stripes so this would look just HOT!!!!!
Hope you like it!

This Lady Behaves #9

Look who fell from the sky and decided to be among us.
I give you TLB#9. A restless, beautiful angel... MISS CATRIONA F.


By the way, the name Catriona comes from the Scottish Gaelic name KATHERINE, and by the way, I just found that out now too. Everything nowadays is googleable! Do I really need to tell you WHY I have picked Miss Catriona to be a TLB? A face so angelic and the most perfect lips for A RED LIPSTICK! And believe me, there are lips that are just not right for the colour red. But hers ARE! Not only red, but she can carry a face with bright, BRIGHT, BLOOD RED lipstick! Why? I don't know. I JUST KNOW! What makes me wonder is how she keeps an innocent grace with a seductive look. Not alot of women can do that without looking dirty!
On the left Miss Catriona's flawless skin is obvious, maybe from sunscreen? :)  Or maybe it's because of her youth radiating the joy and fun of being a young girl in the world with this casual short and shirt. Completely different from the look on the right where she could have fooled any man or ANYONE with whatever she has to say. Her hair done up and her semi-formal outfit, the transformation is a clever one and she lets us know she is unpredictable. She can work it both with ELEGANT AND CASUAL EASILY. For us women, we look at the gorgeous heels!! For men... they'll be looking at the legs that goes on and on and on...

For Miss Catriona F.

A style fit for an ANGEL in a summer day. This look I created for my TLB#9 is flowy, free and LIGHT! The rain boots are just for fun, but they are amazingly stylish! With hot red lipstick on, she is ready to go! And also, the whiteness of this dress will bring out the lovely features on her face.
I also believe that Miss Catriona should be the next VICTORIA SECRET model WITH WINGS!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This Lady Behaves #8

Very excited, very PROUD! I give you TLB NUMBER 8!!

Oh and yes I am typing this with a man present in the same room, and he believes she is utterly lovely too.


At first glance, you know she'll just break your heart boys!! At first glance, you wont even bother to say hi to her because you know she'll just ignore you anyway...  :) She is the kind of beauty beyond a regular man's reach. Her fierce eyes, seems like she could cry fire and diamonds all at the same time. Her MONA LISA smile... well I'm not really sure what they say about Mona Lisa's smile, but in my understanding, it is a smile so PUZZLING, you will not ever know if she was smiling or brewing up something to make your "balls shrink down to the size of raisins"! hhehehehe Sorry I just had to use that phrase..  ANYWAY... my TLB#8 is not who you might think she is, or maybe she is.. well never really know. It's a MONA LISA thing!
I'm not a psychic, I don't read minds, I am not a telepath and I can not teleport, :) but I am very good at first-impressions-judgement. I believe Miss Camille has a big heart and great love for fashion. Her poses and colours are natural and her styles are fun. A vintage beauty beyond your dreams just made possible with a kind and modern heart.

I can see Miss Camille would look amazing in tight tight tight TIGHT black jeans and a pair of RED stiletto.
YES I have become totally addicted with shopstyle and NO I am not getting paid to post this look. Or any look for that matter.

For Miss Camille:

So before i start, let me just again CONFIRM this blog's main purpose. It is about WHO AND WHAT is beautiful to ME! TO MY EYES! And i don't doubt for one second that the ladies that I choose to be a part of TLB is not only goregous to me, they are DROP DEAD GORGEOUS to a WHOLE BUNCH of people too! I am entitled to my own opinion and too bad that my opinion is very similar to those who have eyes for anything and anyone BEAUTIFUL!

PEACE!  :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011


THIS LADY BEHAVES #7 looks like a princess that just jumped out from a fairy tale book and into this world. INTRODUCING MISS MAYO WO.

Mostly seen in flowy princess like and a-little-vintage-inspired dresses and skirts, MISS MAYO can not go wrong and has made it impossible for us to turn our heads away from all the styles and looks she contributes in, yes you guessed it, LOOKBOOK. This is one of the VERY FEW photographs in her 239 looks that she is ACTUALLY looking at the camera. I was wondering maybe she's shy... BUT goodness me, "you should be flaunting that gorgeous smile girl!" In her collection of looks, she is either turned away OR she is covering half of her face.. I suppose she is humbly secretive about herself, which is very VINTAGE of her. :) It's actually more appealing when a woman is a puzzle to be sorted out by her true prince. We are magnetized not towards something we have grown jaded to, but to something or someone that makes us and keeps us anticipating on the edge of our seat. And that is exactly what MISS MAYO has done to us. She shows herself delicate just like her clothes, and pink mostly because it is the most feminine colour, but she has left us all to wonder what, how, where, why............

Recently i have created a look in SHOPSTYLE about KATE MIDDLETON in PARTY MOOD!!! And since she will soon be a PRINCESS, I suggest this look for MISS MAYO too. It is completely NOT pink but the story behind this look is somewhat very similar to my TLB#7. Have fun. And stay gorgeous.

Also please support this blog by getting the word out there and following me on bloglovin. You wont only be helping me, you'll be helping TLB MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRLS ONLINE get the recognition they deserve.

cheers to beauty!

Friday, April 15, 2011


I should be tapping myself on the back for finding such a powerful beauty in LOOKBOOK.NU.
Introducing Miss NIKA H.


So after a week waiting for her reply. Miss Nika gave me the honor to write about her in this new post. Her looks are simple yet powerful. Maybe it is in her eyes drawing people in even with a glimpse and YES even through photographs. I have chosen her to be a TLB for the reasons so obvious in these two pictures. She is lovely with long straight hair, small lips like a true vintage woman, smiling or not smiling she looks amazing. In most of the pictures I have seen her in she shows her confidence within herself as a woman through semi-sophisticated looks that is inviting with a little bit of contrasting colour. Nika can carry any style in my opinion. So the SHOES that i have chosen TLB#6 to be and to wear in one of her future looks is:

Vivienne Westwood at ShopStyle

HAIL VIVIENNE WESTWOOD for creating this "scyscraper seditionary". Very seductive YES!! Very powerful and also casual! This is why it will fit MISS NIKA PERFECTLY! Anyone can wear this with a pencil skirt or jeans. Or even mini summer skirts. BECAUSE the look of it is actaully like black pumps with gray socks and buckles of course. Just glorious!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011



Would you like me to personally update you on who'll be the NEXT TLB?
 if you have any questions... ANYTHING ATALL! Don't hesitate to ask!
Email Address:

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Saturday, April 9, 2011


This is the second time I am writing this post because i lost the one that wrote for THREE HOURS when i clicked PUBLISH POST! How annoying right?


The NATURALLY beautiful Jesy Almaguer .

Introducing my TLB#5 is none other than Miss Jesy
LOOKBOOK has again given me yet another natural beauty that has captured the vintage heart in me. YES it is hard to find truly beautiful women in there and i was lucky to have stumbled upon Miss Jesy here who does not attempt to try to look good. She just does... She effortlessly portrays a very lady like vintage character in her with her plains-and-prints outfits. With all the flowers on her clothes, I'm sure she's a girly lady, all sweet and cute who can make a grown man cry.
It is very difficult for a whole lot of women to go out without make up on and Miss Jesy has little or none at all and she can pull it off like a pro.

So knowing how wonderfully gentle in photographs Miss Jesy is, I'm thinking LET'S GO CRAZY and turn her world upside down by giving her an idea for her next look with BLACK AND WHITE STRIPES!
Drew Barrymore Narciso Rodriguez

Chelsy Davy

I must say I am not an avid fan of Miss Drew Barrymore and Miss Chelsy Davy, but these dresses are to die for!! So wouldn't we all love to see Miss Jesy in one of these? And knowing how readily beautiful she is without make up on, I'm just a little too excited about seeing her WITH makeup on. Heavy and dark eyeshadows and reddish, pink, shiny lips.. (but keep in mind, when you want to work with your eyes, don't work too much with your lip and vice versa). And if you all think that this is smart, wait till i tell you with what shoes!!


DARK RED SHOES. This will rock Miss Jesy's world. It will be different, maybe it wont even be her style, but just for fun.. just for a change.. it is a brilliant look. In the photo shooting; No accessories needed, maybe bracelets, but no bags. Because the shoes will already be too loud. :) This specific shoes is something I could stare at all day!

Gorgeous Finds from SHABBY APPLE is/are:

Green and Striped dress
I found a "flexible " that can be worn for dinner with black high heels and it can be worn for shopping with black slippers or sandals. A cute dress pouring with style!
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