Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cloche Hats! Once again!

It's so frustrating being in a country where you can see a HUGE mall in every corner of the street, where there is a shopping centre in every train station, AND I CAN NOT WHAT SO EVER AND HOW SO EVER find a simple CLOCHE HAT!!!!! I have been looking for months, and yes, i would spot some hats that looks similar but it doesn't go down to cover my forehead which it should do, hmmmm maybe i have a big head, BUT NO, it was just poorly designed!!! :) Anyway...

The one on the right is from Why i love these hats? They are VINTAGE LOOKING! They frame the face, to make you look more delicate, more gentle... romantic.. something like that. Look at Angelina Jolie, wearing a hat like that, you'll never guess she's covered in tatoos! It so woderful that when i get one of these i don't have to brush my hair anymore and look absolutely stylish the momet i get out of the bed and wear it. hehehe RIGHT? Oh and of course, it also protects our faces from the sun! hihihi

1 comment:

  1. I've been looking EVERYWHERE as well for a cloche hat! :-D I did finally find one at a specialty hat shop but it was $140, yuck! Needless to say I stare longingly at it each time I pass the shop window, but it isn't to be, haha. Did you ever find one you liked? :-)




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