Sunday, April 24, 2011


A VINTAGE BEAUTY for me is one that never fades and grow old. A beauty that doesn't get boring over any time. It is true beauty, original and powerful. The beauty that attracts and captures. And all these women in this blog have that VINTAGE BEAUTY that no one can take away.
With that being said, I introduce you to MISS KRYZ!

Miss Kryz U. has one of the most amazing styles I have come across in lookbook. She knows her style and has OWNED it! She has made herself the canvas of fashion and her beauty still stands out no matter how gorgeous her styles are! I think you all know what I mean, ladies....We walk on the street, in the mall, AND when we see someone walking past us with shoes WORTH DYING FOR, our stare WILL follow those shoes!!! But with Kryz, she drags our looks from her outfits to her smiling face. She has a very inviting smile which is one of the main reasons why she DESERVES to be in this blog. Her eyes and her hair compliments what she wears and not the other way around. It is normally very easy for me to suggest a look or a shoe for my TLBs, but this time, I'm stuck! Miss Kryz has tried all the styles there is that in know of!!! And it all looks amazing on her. So I'm going back to the basic and go all BLACK AND RED!!

A Style I created for Miss Kryz! A classic, vintage inspired look. This would look amazing with a smile and long messy hair to break the ice!

Kisses Darlings!

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