Tuesday, April 5, 2011


LOOKBOOK is a fantasy 'home' for fashionistas where they can display all their talents about fashion and the talent itself about looking good. I recently joined not for me, god no, I think i'm far too old and my skin too NORMAL to compete with the gorgeous youth of lookbook. But i have to be straight with you. I don't find them all good. And in my own opinion, and i have the right to have one, here are some of the few that i have found appealing, talented, beautiful and absolutely creative. Vintage in some ways, modern inside out.
I will choose ladies in lookbook and post them on this blog because I have AN EYE FOR THE BEAUTIFUL. And in NO WAY can anyone bribe me to post them on MY blog if I know they should not be in here. The feelings that you feel in these pictures, natural and unnatural at the same time, it grabs you and takes you in their world, whether you belong or not. THAT'S TALENT!
And yes, this blog will be the home of images that has a story to tell.

This lady behaves no 2 is Miss ANDY HIDE the amount of detail is minimal but her eyes that can cut you into pieces breaks anyone away from anything they have to say. So therefore i am speechless................... The redness of her hair overcomes the lack of colour in her clothes. Her best looks, and i think she knows, are those that are black and/or white. Strong green shoes will compliment her skin.

BRIAN ATWOOD nico pumps

So Miss Andy try creating an outfit that best suits this shoes and most of all, that best suits YOU. Stay gorgeous.

This lady behaves no.3 is Miss Barbro. The serenity in her posture makes you feel like you were there too. It's unbelievably hot where i'm sitting right now, but looking into this photograph makes me feel like wearing boots too. In this outfit, it shows how powerful a woman can be. The impact of the black jacket and the shirt inside knows you shouldn't be messing with her. But the flowy fuschia skirt shouts the lady"ness" in her, the same lady that you can approach and court like back then in the vintage days, but Miss Barbro is one vintage woman who can kick your ass! :)

I hope this amazing shoes gives Miss Barbro inspirations for her next look. 

My TLB#4 is a very young beauty. Seen in her postures she's blooming into her future as someone not only with good looks but with brains. Hmmmm how would i know this? Well i don't, but this is about my opinion NOT YOURS. :) And in my opinion, which by the way has always led me to great things and has not let me down.. Introducing Miss Aleksandra S.

Miss Aleksandra deserves to be a THISLADYBEHAVES, not only because she can work and carry with the vintage look, but because she has incorporated her youthfulness into it. You know her face came from the now, from the present. And she shows us that we don't have to be old to adore vintage. When she turns away from the camera, she shows her vulnerability in the open. A beautiful side of women that has been underestimated by men.

 really ripped jeans

Here is a challenge for you Miss Aleksandra, find a pair of fit, ripped jeans and match it with a jacket that's impossibly elegant and very vintage looking. :) Goodluck doll.

For these three images: thank you to the three goddesses and thank you to LOOKBOOK.NU

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