Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This Lady Behaves #8

Very excited, very PROUD! I give you TLB NUMBER 8!!

Oh and yes I am typing this with a man present in the same room, and he believes she is utterly lovely too.


At first glance, you know she'll just break your heart boys!! At first glance, you wont even bother to say hi to her because you know she'll just ignore you anyway...  :) She is the kind of beauty beyond a regular man's reach. Her fierce eyes, seems like she could cry fire and diamonds all at the same time. Her MONA LISA smile... well I'm not really sure what they say about Mona Lisa's smile, but in my understanding, it is a smile so PUZZLING, you will not ever know if she was smiling or brewing up something to make your "balls shrink down to the size of raisins"! hhehehehe Sorry I just had to use that phrase..  ANYWAY... my TLB#8 is not who you might think she is, or maybe she is.. well never really know. It's a MONA LISA thing!
I'm not a psychic, I don't read minds, I am not a telepath and I can not teleport, :) but I am very good at first-impressions-judgement. I believe Miss Camille has a big heart and great love for fashion. Her poses and colours are natural and her styles are fun. A vintage beauty beyond your dreams just made possible with a kind and modern heart.

I can see Miss Camille would look amazing in tight tight tight TIGHT black jeans and a pair of RED stiletto.
YES I have become totally addicted with shopstyle and NO I am not getting paid to post this look. Or any look for that matter.

For Miss Camille:

So before i start, let me just again CONFIRM this blog's main purpose. It is about WHO AND WHAT is beautiful to ME! TO MY EYES! And i don't doubt for one second that the ladies that I choose to be a part of TLB is not only goregous to me, they are DROP DEAD GORGEOUS to a WHOLE BUNCH of people too! I am entitled to my own opinion and too bad that my opinion is very similar to those who have eyes for anything and anyone BEAUTIFUL!

PEACE!  :)

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