Saturday, April 16, 2011


THIS LADY BEHAVES #7 looks like a princess that just jumped out from a fairy tale book and into this world. INTRODUCING MISS MAYO WO.

Mostly seen in flowy princess like and a-little-vintage-inspired dresses and skirts, MISS MAYO can not go wrong and has made it impossible for us to turn our heads away from all the styles and looks she contributes in, yes you guessed it, LOOKBOOK. This is one of the VERY FEW photographs in her 239 looks that she is ACTUALLY looking at the camera. I was wondering maybe she's shy... BUT goodness me, "you should be flaunting that gorgeous smile girl!" In her collection of looks, she is either turned away OR she is covering half of her face.. I suppose she is humbly secretive about herself, which is very VINTAGE of her. :) It's actually more appealing when a woman is a puzzle to be sorted out by her true prince. We are magnetized not towards something we have grown jaded to, but to something or someone that makes us and keeps us anticipating on the edge of our seat. And that is exactly what MISS MAYO has done to us. She shows herself delicate just like her clothes, and pink mostly because it is the most feminine colour, but she has left us all to wonder what, how, where, why............

Recently i have created a look in SHOPSTYLE about KATE MIDDLETON in PARTY MOOD!!! And since she will soon be a PRINCESS, I suggest this look for MISS MAYO too. It is completely NOT pink but the story behind this look is somewhat very similar to my TLB#7. Have fun. And stay gorgeous.

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cheers to beauty!

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