A Journey to Find 100 Most
 Beautiful Women.

 TLB is me. This lady behaves! A name and brand that I own. I am a lady, vintage at heart and modern in mind. Do I behave? Hmmmm makes you wonder...  :)
Making this web log unique was my main goal in the beginning. A home to fashion stylist, fashion shoppers, fashionistas and anyone who loves anything about good fashion. And yes there is bad fashion too. For example, in my opinion, wearing a necktie inside the shirt is just plain silly.

Then a week ago when I was searching for images and looks to use for commenting on one of my posts, I found many amazing photographs of so many talented gorgeous ladies and gentlemen.
But I found a few who were so natural, so true, and so silent that they bacame one with their background in a brilliant way. I decided at that point that I will make it a challenge for me and for the regular women posting their pictures online to build a home for the truly beautiful women.
I'm starting with 100 TLBs. This Lady Behaves' women online.
So now I spend half of the day, everyday, searching for gorgeous ladies inside out. That is hard work, mind you. Because it is difficult to really see a photograph the way it should be seen. We are looking for women who gives out emotions to connect us to them.

Inside the three Ws, we are constantly bombarded with celebrity news and stories about their personal life which has nothing to do with us, yet we read on... but finding the true beauty of a woman that lies mostly in her eyes, in her smile, and in her posture is a challenge i have undertaken as an artist and as a personal stylist.
The joy to all these hard work is all about giving a story behind a pure and simple image of a regular girl online.
Stay goergeous, beautiful people!!

Donna Sy
Artist / Stylist
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