Saturday, April 9, 2011


This is the second time I am writing this post because i lost the one that wrote for THREE HOURS when i clicked PUBLISH POST! How annoying right?


The NATURALLY beautiful Jesy Almaguer .

Introducing my TLB#5 is none other than Miss Jesy
LOOKBOOK has again given me yet another natural beauty that has captured the vintage heart in me. YES it is hard to find truly beautiful women in there and i was lucky to have stumbled upon Miss Jesy here who does not attempt to try to look good. She just does... She effortlessly portrays a very lady like vintage character in her with her plains-and-prints outfits. With all the flowers on her clothes, I'm sure she's a girly lady, all sweet and cute who can make a grown man cry.
It is very difficult for a whole lot of women to go out without make up on and Miss Jesy has little or none at all and she can pull it off like a pro.

So knowing how wonderfully gentle in photographs Miss Jesy is, I'm thinking LET'S GO CRAZY and turn her world upside down by giving her an idea for her next look with BLACK AND WHITE STRIPES!
Drew Barrymore Narciso Rodriguez

Chelsy Davy

I must say I am not an avid fan of Miss Drew Barrymore and Miss Chelsy Davy, but these dresses are to die for!! So wouldn't we all love to see Miss Jesy in one of these? And knowing how readily beautiful she is without make up on, I'm just a little too excited about seeing her WITH makeup on. Heavy and dark eyeshadows and reddish, pink, shiny lips.. (but keep in mind, when you want to work with your eyes, don't work too much with your lip and vice versa). And if you all think that this is smart, wait till i tell you with what shoes!!


DARK RED SHOES. This will rock Miss Jesy's world. It will be different, maybe it wont even be her style, but just for fun.. just for a change.. it is a brilliant look. In the photo shooting; No accessories needed, maybe bracelets, but no bags. Because the shoes will already be too loud. :) This specific shoes is something I could stare at all day!

Gorgeous Finds from SHABBY APPLE is/are:

Green and Striped dress
I found a "flexible " that can be worn for dinner with black high heels and it can be worn for shopping with black slippers or sandals. A cute dress pouring with style!

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