Friday, April 15, 2011


I should be tapping myself on the back for finding such a powerful beauty in LOOKBOOK.NU.
Introducing Miss NIKA H.


So after a week waiting for her reply. Miss Nika gave me the honor to write about her in this new post. Her looks are simple yet powerful. Maybe it is in her eyes drawing people in even with a glimpse and YES even through photographs. I have chosen her to be a TLB for the reasons so obvious in these two pictures. She is lovely with long straight hair, small lips like a true vintage woman, smiling or not smiling she looks amazing. In most of the pictures I have seen her in she shows her confidence within herself as a woman through semi-sophisticated looks that is inviting with a little bit of contrasting colour. Nika can carry any style in my opinion. So the SHOES that i have chosen TLB#6 to be and to wear in one of her future looks is:

Vivienne Westwood at ShopStyle

HAIL VIVIENNE WESTWOOD for creating this "scyscraper seditionary". Very seductive YES!! Very powerful and also casual! This is why it will fit MISS NIKA PERFECTLY! Anyone can wear this with a pencil skirt or jeans. Or even mini summer skirts. BECAUSE the look of it is actaully like black pumps with gray socks and buckles of course. Just glorious!

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