Sunday, April 3, 2011

CLOGS!!!!!! Oh i couldn't wait to post this....

Dear blog,

I love shoes, have you noticed? And right now, my passion goes to clogs. BECAUSE I SIMPLY CANNOT FIND A GOOD ONE HERE!!!! All that i have seen and felt are just not right. NOT PERFECT ENOUGH. I'm sure you'll know what i'm talking about buying something you have to be really crazy about or it's just not worth it... I have bought so many shoes that i WAS ABSOLUTELY CRAZY about. BUT IT DIDN'T MEAN I WORE THEM!!! I swear, i bought shoes because they looked SOOOO GOOD more often than i bought shoes because they were comfortable. WELL YES, A GOOD PAIR OF SHOES MUST BE BOTH. And believe me, i don't buy just anything when it comes TO SHOES! Bags i don't care for so much, but SHOES??? So let me tell you that when i see A ROGER VIVIER,  I'LL GET IT EVEN IF IT DIDN'T FIT ME! But of course, i'll starve myself first for a couple of months to afford it! HA! 

NO i don't have that, but i wish i did, even if i leave a trail of blood behind walking on it!! HA!
So i mean, i'm not a plus size, i'm just a large compared to the small!!! And IT IS HARD WALKING ON THESE! 


Are they not the most artistic, most amazing, most IMPOSSIBLE shoes you have ever seen? I am having goosebumps just STARING at these wonderful hotties!! They should be in the museum! BUT GIVE ME ONE AND I'LL WEAR IT EVEN WHEN I SLEEP!
So D
              PING THE SUBJECT on that...
A pair of CLOGS is WANTED in my hot list for shopping right now. AND I NEED THE PERFECT ONE LIKE THESE:  AND I MEAN PERFECT!!!

The solid heavy heels, the studs, the colour and the right amount of detail, the right size of it's buckle design, the perfect height, the perfect leather that is blackish brown with a little flash and tones red. THIS SHOES RIGHT HERE IS NATURALLY DIVINE!!!! 

Clogs (before was called sabots or klompens) were desinged as work shoes for fields,  they kept feet clean and the heavy material so it is durable. NO I'M NOT KIDDING. Now who would ever think they would evolve into something so fashionable!

wooden shoes from HISTLO.COM
And before i foget again. Saddle shoes which were in my previous posts, originated in 1906 created by Spalding sports.

SO IF you don't know yet, what PERFECT CLOGS GOES WITH PERFECTLY. It will be my pleasure to create one. Let me just look for the sources....
\to be continued....
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