Thursday, April 21, 2011


A naturally born gorgeous LADY and an amazing friend of mine. I'm super proud to be INTRODUCING this next TLB! MAROU JEMS!! 

This pair is a bundle of talents right there. They are not only sexy, hot and beautiful, they are both SUPER COOL people with HUGE HEARTS.

I have been friends with Miss MARO since we were 16, aroundish... So i know exactly what I'm talking about. We were both back in Greece when we met and decided to have blasts of fun. She would steal me from my house to go out dancing, driving her mother's car without a license! Good ol' days!!
Doesn't she have the most gorgeous, biggest, round eyes you have ever seen? Oh and the lashes are NOT FAKE! Her fashion has always been beyond her years... does that make sense? I mean, she has always been so matured and wise and naughty and courageous all at the same time.
OOOOh and that time when we went to Mykonos, Maro saw a dress that she fell inlove with and she didn't settle dwon until she got it. What does that say about her? Well... she loves FASHION! She has always been  fashionable and whatever she happens to be doing; singing, dancing, shopping, sitting in a cafeteria, she does it all IN STYLE!
And have you noticed.. she looks like Rachel Mcadams! But I personally believe, my friend is PRETTIER! :) I honestly and strongly stand by that!! But that wasn't why I asked her to be a TLB. She is in this blog because she has true and natural beauty... and behind that beauty lies a strong character that shines through and creates a glow around her that keeps heads turning. But i'm sorry BOYS, she has recently married! :)  hihihi!

I would like to PRESENT :


One day we'll be seeing more of Miss Marou Jems ON TV hopefully!!

This is the look I created for Miss Maro! STRIPES AND ZEBRA PRINTS!! I have never seen her in stripes so this would look just HOT!!!!!
Hope you like it!

This Lady Behaves #9

Look who fell from the sky and decided to be among us.
I give you TLB#9. A restless, beautiful angel... MISS CATRIONA F.


By the way, the name Catriona comes from the Scottish Gaelic name KATHERINE, and by the way, I just found that out now too. Everything nowadays is googleable! Do I really need to tell you WHY I have picked Miss Catriona to be a TLB? A face so angelic and the most perfect lips for A RED LIPSTICK! And believe me, there are lips that are just not right for the colour red. But hers ARE! Not only red, but she can carry a face with bright, BRIGHT, BLOOD RED lipstick! Why? I don't know. I JUST KNOW! What makes me wonder is how she keeps an innocent grace with a seductive look. Not alot of women can do that without looking dirty!
On the left Miss Catriona's flawless skin is obvious, maybe from sunscreen? :)  Or maybe it's because of her youth radiating the joy and fun of being a young girl in the world with this casual short and shirt. Completely different from the look on the right where she could have fooled any man or ANYONE with whatever she has to say. Her hair done up and her semi-formal outfit, the transformation is a clever one and she lets us know she is unpredictable. She can work it both with ELEGANT AND CASUAL EASILY. For us women, we look at the gorgeous heels!! For men... they'll be looking at the legs that goes on and on and on...

For Miss Catriona F.

A style fit for an ANGEL in a summer day. This look I created for my TLB#9 is flowy, free and LIGHT! The rain boots are just for fun, but they are amazingly stylish! With hot red lipstick on, she is ready to go! And also, the whiteness of this dress will bring out the lovely features on her face.
I also believe that Miss Catriona should be the next VICTORIA SECRET model WITH WINGS!
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