Thursday, March 31, 2011

I'm SORRY i have to share this BEAUTIFUL pair of SHOES!

I just couldn't find where i found this image from. I found it about a year ago... And i really fell inlove with this shoes!!! I just had to post it. Words are not needed!!!  hmmmmmm but do let me think of a look for these hot pair!!

Introducing the MODERN SADDLE SHOES!

Let's create a look with what the saddle shoes has evolved into. This shoes right here is from modcloth yet again because and just because they only have really amazing collection of vintage shoes.

So along with this vintage shoes something plaid comes to my head. Trousers that are fit but no TOO fit. A must though would be NO BAGGY, LOSE PANTS. you'll have to show off these shoes, and in order to do so, you have to show your fibula, that's the round socket that sticks out on the side of your ankle. YES I JUST GOOGLED THAT. AND YES IT IS IMPORTANT!! I'm a perfectionist, not all the time, but when it comes to this I AM. So the perfect pair of pants to do all that would be this one worn by Avril Lavigne (yes, had to google her last name too). This pants is plaid, straight cut, fit, and just perfect for the look i'm trying to create.

The one on the right is definately not Avril Lavigne, the one on the left though is.. And to top this off, we HAVE to match it with a PLAIN, i repeat, PLAIN and quite loose blouse. White or Black. Why? Because the bottom is already busy, you don't want to make it too complicated and too LOUD by adding a detailed or colourful blouse. It would be amazing if you have an off shoulder top. That would bring the lady in you. These are my suggestions:

Hmmmm... i don't know who this is.

Katy Perry
So there you have it. Just TRUST me. Go out, buy these items, throw in some great artistic accessories, with colours! Wear a BLACK bag, and look at yourself in the mirror, you'll thank me. :) Don't for get the accessories!!!! GORGEOUS!!!!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


OH MY GOD!!! I'M SUPER EXCITED ABOUT THIS POST! I have found the next great thing about VINTAGE! And that's saddle shoes!

image from: cleo from 5 to 7

I've got so much to say, i don't know where to start... oh wait... I JUST DID!!! ANYWAY I remember I've created a page on facebook about saddle shoes, well it's really still under this lady behaves (facebook) but alot of my friends love that saddle shoes gone modern in there that I uploaded from OH GOSH... i don't remember where... hmmm let me think about that later. But yes, wearing saddle shoes that looks exactly like the old version is tricky for women. It really suits guys more.. But if you do find one for women here is what you should be wearing it with.. oh and stick to the classic saddle shoes colour black and white!!

you can buy this from my store.

Image from discoverblack


So the bag should look similar to these below... With a little and i mean A LITTLE gold features on them.
WHY??? So that we can ACCESSORIZE!!!! YES!!! WITH GOLD!!!

a miu miu bag

a chloe bag

both images from an amazing bag online shop:

 It's a must to accessorize this outfit with a long strand of golden pearl necklace. You can make one your own.Or you can buy one from this site But they have to be in this form around your neck. And it would be great to throw in golden bracelet stacks. This will bring out the gold features in your bag. And the whiteness of your bag will bring out the coolness of your saddle shoes!!!!  I'M A GENIUS!!!!! hihihi

thanks for reading!!

Cloche Hats! Once again!

It's so frustrating being in a country where you can see a HUGE mall in every corner of the street, where there is a shopping centre in every train station, AND I CAN NOT WHAT SO EVER AND HOW SO EVER find a simple CLOCHE HAT!!!!! I have been looking for months, and yes, i would spot some hats that looks similar but it doesn't go down to cover my forehead which it should do, hmmmm maybe i have a big head, BUT NO, it was just poorly designed!!! :) Anyway...

The one on the right is from Why i love these hats? They are VINTAGE LOOKING! They frame the face, to make you look more delicate, more gentle... romantic.. something like that. Look at Angelina Jolie, wearing a hat like that, you'll never guess she's covered in tatoos! It so woderful that when i get one of these i don't have to brush my hair anymore and look absolutely stylish the momet i get out of the bed and wear it. hehehe RIGHT? Oh and of course, it also protects our faces from the sun! hihihi

A Simple 50's Look

The 50's, the way I see it, it was all about huge skirts! And i know walking around with baloon skirts will get into a mental facility! So here was the look: Amazing images!!!! image from a 50's online shop
You know what else i discovered?... amazing blogsites about vintage! LIKE HEAVEN! wish i could be one of them one day! glamour daze  vintage bulletin adore vintage .strawberry koi. that's all for now. i suppose i'll just list them down in a gadget!!  So nice!

For me this is what happened to poodle skirts nowadays! :)


History repeats itself! And NO that's not a bad thing when it comes to fashion! Vinatge fashion has always been so beautiful, to collect and to sometimes wear. But it's tricky, you've got to know how to bring it, to carry it, or you'll end up looking like you came out of a badly styled old movie. We want to look sophisticated, not old!
So I'd like to dedicate this blog to Marilyn Monroe and David Wolfe, the greatest fashion illustrator!!!!
His works can be seen in the book, SHOPPING FOR VINTAGE!

See, this picture is absolutely beautiful! But do you honestly think i want you going out looking like this? I know some people do, but that's called "trying too hard". I'm not sure which site i got this picture from, but it really is beautiful.

Now that's what I'm talking about.... But for real??? NO... Of course you have to do your own adjusting! Neckline should be lower to show off what you've been hiding. Sleeves folded three fourths, pencil skirt should be made of stretchy material, if you dont want to fall off on your face. And the instead of that pancake on top of the head look, go for cloche hats. No one has ever gone wrong with those while leaving your hair down. Absolutely beautiful!!!!! So here! is where i got this picture from! :)

And here in this amazing site are great cloche hats in the web today!
 Here is a great find.  Quite similar but my pick is better!
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