Wednesday, March 30, 2011


History repeats itself! And NO that's not a bad thing when it comes to fashion! Vinatge fashion has always been so beautiful, to collect and to sometimes wear. But it's tricky, you've got to know how to bring it, to carry it, or you'll end up looking like you came out of a badly styled old movie. We want to look sophisticated, not old!
So I'd like to dedicate this blog to Marilyn Monroe and David Wolfe, the greatest fashion illustrator!!!!
His works can be seen in the book, SHOPPING FOR VINTAGE!

See, this picture is absolutely beautiful! But do you honestly think i want you going out looking like this? I know some people do, but that's called "trying too hard". I'm not sure which site i got this picture from, but it really is beautiful.

Now that's what I'm talking about.... But for real??? NO... Of course you have to do your own adjusting! Neckline should be lower to show off what you've been hiding. Sleeves folded three fourths, pencil skirt should be made of stretchy material, if you dont want to fall off on your face. And the instead of that pancake on top of the head look, go for cloche hats. No one has ever gone wrong with those while leaving your hair down. Absolutely beautiful!!!!! So here! is where i got this picture from! :)

And here in this amazing site are great cloche hats in the web today!
 Here is a great find.  Quite similar but my pick is better!

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