Monday, May 16, 2011


THIS LADY BEHAVES (TLB) are women online who do not only have stunning and drop dead VINTAGE BEAUTY pouring out from their looks, style and stare, but also have THE TALENT and DREAMS beyond any one's reach. A DRIVEN and powerful character embedded in the soul and mind for display and A HEART big enough to stay grounded. Because being grounded is the secret to true, radiant beauty, NOT THICK EYELINERS AND HEAVY EYESHADOW!  :) (although that works too)
With that being said, I would like to HUMBLY and honorably introduce (QUIETLY this time), a VERY POPULAR yet VERY NATURAL blogger TLB#25

How do I start a story about someone whose story has been told and written maybe a million times before? How do I find words good enough for the perfect justice to a powerful character online? Miss Tricia has become one of the leading if not the leader blogger in The Philippines. And that, gentlemen, is a story that will make your balls shrink down to the size of raisins! :)  And ladies, be prepared with your polish removers because you'll be biting your nails reading this post. I know I am!

Before I started blogging this blog, which was what? A month ago? I never knew anything about blogging, about other blogs, about who is what in blogging and what they are blogging about! NADA!!!! Then out of curiosity, BOREDOM PERHAPS, I went looking for inspirations in LOOKBOOK.NU, found gorgeous YET LIMITED talented beauties. All were incredibly beautiful, but I am picky in a way of how the photographs speak to me individually. YES, THAT IS WEIRD, but hey, I am an artist!

A week ago, I saw TRICIA and I asked her to be one of the 100 TLB on this blog, she had the beauty, she had the sweet smile and the angelic look with a twist that is almost like A DOLL!!! By the way she is also known as "slumberdoll". God knows what it means, but I'm guessing it has a lot to do with her poses, looking like she is hanged lazily like a lifeless doll FILLED WITH LIFE........................Let it simmer, you'll get it in a minute or two........................
I wanted to write about her fashion style, about how she does indeed dresses like a doll but CHIC and fashionable. So she agreed. And that was when I checked her tumblr tricia will go places and freaked out when I saw the page views!
She might have the eyes and the smile of a beautiful porcelain doll, but according to my opinion and a BEAUTIFUL OPINION AT THAT, she is full of life and pouring with personality. Her elegant look intimidates those casual days but she is a darling ready to capture your heart everyday.


  1. There will always be someone.. Hi.. I'm from Malaysia.. The most popular blogger for personal niche named Hanis Zalikha and she travelled a lot with such sponsor. A model as well ;)

  2. Pick is good, that means you have excellent taste.

    You blog have been fabulous so far.



  3. Beautiful!- WMS.

  4. I see her pictures around all the time, she is fabulous! Nice post.

  5. Yes she is...she's everywhere!! great post.


  6. Super cute outfit!

  7. Thanks a lot for the kind words. More power to your blog! :)

  8. She look like a top model. And I really love her style, it fits her great.



  9. OMG. I'm obsessing over the rings and the hat! Uh-mazing! :)

    Thanks so much for contacting me. I am now following your blog. I would love if you could stop by my celebrity style and fashion blog and follow me as well! xoxo

  10. so cute, such an innocent looking face, styled to the nines!



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